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Drugasar Ltd,
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Manchester M27 0JH, UK
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Drugasar is a subsidiary of DRU Verwarming bv

DRU Gas Fires and Functional Gas Heaters

DRU Functional Heating Appliances (Commercial) - www.drugasar.com

DRU gas wall heaters for commercial and domestic locations

DRU manufactures and supplies gas wall heaters for churches, schools, offices, industrial premises, homes and much more.

DRU gas wall heaters are designed for large space heating in public buildings such as churches, town halls and school assemblies. They are also effective in places such as offices, retail, classrooms, village halls and in the home.

DRU heating appliances include balanced flue heaters using natural convection, powered flue heaters with rapid warm-up times and conventional flue heaters that connect to an existing chimney.

DRU Designer and Global Gas Fires (Domestic) - www.drufire.co.uk

The DRU Designer Gas Fire Collection

DRU Designer contemporary gas fires are designed and engineered for style, comfort and impressive energy efficiency. They are for people that aspire to own the most visionary and creative gas fires. They have a wealth of style options and innovative features that make them superior to ordinary gas fires. They are also at home in luxury apartments, executive home developments and even hotels and offices.

The DRU Global Gas Fire Range

DRU Global gas fires include many of the attributes associated with DRU Designer gas fires, such as contemporary design, precision engineering and high energy efficiency. The two main differences are that, firstly, they are in the mid-market price range, making them affordable for all households. Secondly, they are designed for the UK gas fire market, with conventional flue models that can be quickly and easily installed into Class 1 chimneys with minimal building conversion.